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    Are there any other search facilities on GoodLink apart from first / last name?

    Sometimes if I get a missed call or can remember a company name but not a contact I could do a global search on all the Treo 650 with that string "01987 334532" or "Abbey Boats Ltd" and it would find contacts for me.

    However all I can find is contacts on my sim card now.

    I was wondering if I should do a backup of Outlook to my SD card and then use some other program to do these searches? Any ideas
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    In your GL contacts, go Menu->Options->Contact Options. There will be two drop downs. If you set the options labeled "Show:" to "Company Name", you will then be able to search by company name. However, you can't search by number. That feature request has been submitted for future releases.
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    thanks for speedy replies Good Guy

    Any other forum members got ideas about holding a historic contact list on SD card and searching either with treo search button or other search engine?

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