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    Any suggestions as how to handle multiple email addresses from within Outlook with a Goodlink to my palm.

    Business mail comes to the palm via my one business email address in Goodlink.

    Personal mail, at present I am using which is a web based hosted fusing service that "harvests" my mails from various POP3 boxes that I have - This is mostly personal stuff. I can access this via the web browser or using Snapper (but do not want to re-install Snapper as I cleared out nearly everything to gain space for Goodlink)

    Could I get this to come to my palm as well? I could forward all mail from fusemail to by business email address - but then I would loose the ability to hit "reply" as mail would get sent back to my fusemail address not to the origional sender - plus the "from" addreess would show my business email address not one of my personal ones.
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    GoodLink only supports the Exchange mailbox that the GoodLink server is associated with. I use VersaMail for my personal emails. There are those out there using snapper and/or chatter alongside GoodLink

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