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    Sorry to ask this again - but the last bit of software someone suggsted no longer exists.....

    I use the 650 with Snappermail and I want to synch to an web based exchange calender (by now you have realised I don't know what I am doing, and my use of terminology is weak at best !)

    What do I need to do ? And what software to do I need to download.

    The ultimate goal is to be able to sync my treo 650 with a web based calendar and contact system. But I don't know how !!

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    I think a lot will depend on which web based calendar you are wanting to use. Right now, there is no way to sync to google calendar that I know of, but there is a free Intellisync to Yahoo Calendar-Contacts etc...
    You will have to sync to Yahoo through your computer rather than your Treo, but all three should end up with the same information. Hopefully someone can tell how to do this and how well it works for them.
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    Thanks for that - but I can't find anything out there that will take my UK Treo 650 and make it sync to a calendar via web. ? Is there a version of Activsync I should download ? Help !
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    Just released, check this out.


    [EDIT] Forgot to mention, this is for Google Calendar only
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    Quote Originally Posted by spollo
    Just released, check this out.


    [EDIT] Forgot to mention, this is for Google Calendar only
    From what I understand, it cannot sync wirelessly, it is just a hotsync from a PC desktop to palm.
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    Er are you attempting to sync with a microsoft Exchange server? (had to ask because you said exchange in the post) Then use the exchange sync (it works as long as your exchange server has OWA active and a few ports unblocked. If not . . . as far as I know there's no options available other than through your computer.
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    The newest version of Versamail (3.1e I think) in the 1.20 rom uses AUTD with Microsoft Exchange. It effectively sycs your calendar and email, which are then available via Outlook Web Access. The only port that needs to be open to Exchange is 443, ssl. This solution works so well for me that I don't even have Snappermail loaded on the Treo anymore. Only thing it doesn't support (yet) is contact syncing or Microsoft Direct Push.
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