I recently upgraded my Verizon Treo from the 600 to the 650 (a new unit), and the data connection seems kinda flakey since the upgrade. Specifically:

-ChatterMail seems to drop its IMAP connection after a few hours of inactivity. It won't reestablish it until I launch the app again.
-Wireless Sync is intermittent. I used to see record update pushes propogate to my 600 within a few seconds- now it takes minutes, or not until the next scheduled wirelss sync.

Both of these apps worked reliably on my 600, and I'm confident all the app settings are set correctly. These problems occur while the Treo is stationary in its hotsync cradle, with a strong signal.

Before I take it in for a refurb swapout, I wanted to see if this is a known 650 problem, or if anyone has any tips. Thanks in advance for any feedback.