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    I have done my due diligence by searching the Palm OS Apps before I post. Hope it's a "fun" topic. not heated

    just by search for "backup app" I got an eye full, but I am looking for backup for both the ROM and SD. yes, my routine is to pop in SD w/ reader and copy...but I am ~lazy~.

    to start Best POS Utilities (The Last "Best Utilities" Thread should be on top with the "Six essential applications" (a must read for EVERYONE).

    application such as BackupBuddyPro, On Guard Backup, backupman and Resco backup (testing Resco) can do schedule backup to SD. but what happen if you lost or worst corrupted SD? BackupBuddy seems to have the full backup idea, but seems to have some issue
    "It does what it says but stopped using it because it messes up things with ROM upgrades if you don't disable. BUBVFS should provide all you need."
    My current routine is to use SD reader and copy it over to hd and also backup my Palm ID folder this is assuming I remember to do the backup.

    unless you feel pretty lucky, remember 4GB that is alot of data to loss on SD.
    I was thinking of DOS script to help with backup, but is there an easier way?? what is your routine?
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    ah, I use a little known app called Bluesync. it costs 20 dollars, and you should definately try before you buy. But, every hotsync it makes a backup of any changes made on your SD card. Your first hotsync after installation takes a while, but if you make changes incrementally, it won't be so bad, but it will take 10 minutes minimum each hotsync.'s so easy

    If you do not like the idea of a long hotsync (it's fine by me, i have mine auto-hotsync at a specific time of the morning), you can use 'card reader' + lookatme to turn your treo into a card reader at a specific time of the day.

    The next step would be having a Windows app that smells your SD card has been mounted, and proceed to mirror it to a folder on your PC. I've wanted to set this up because Bluesync is slow...but it's so easy and works so well that I just deal.
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    For a backup to the SD, the one I use is BackupManager. For the backup of everything, the device and SD card, to the desktop, I use BackupBuddy. Ben
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    thx g-funkster I see the light! it's like the Card Reader! thx

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