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    Quote Originally Posted by nchargreed
    Okay guys, I really need your help here. I've been on the phone with Sprint Tech support and all they can do is scratch their head.

    First let me say, I've not moved anything to my card, wouldn't even know where to start, so that isn't the problem.

    Whenever I try to "route" DIRECTIONS between 2 destinations I'm taken to a blank screen that simply has something like this (Total: -86.21mi., 39:00) at the top of the page. I'm not getting written directions.

    Sprint tech support gets the same thing on their 700.

    Please report whether you are getting directions or the same results as described above.

    Yes, I've been getting this too. Would like to see a resolution.
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    THANK YOU! I've only seen one report of this happening on these boards. Sprint now has an "open ticket" for the issue.
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