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    Was thinking about this the other day. One of the biggest issues I had with my 650 was the constant resets. I mean every morning when getting my first fone call or SMS. Answering my fone and half way thru a conversation it would decide to random reset. Now we have several 650's in my company and if you ask every single 650 user / owner they will comment how bad this device resets on them.

    This being said will the 700p have the same issue / fate? Same OS = Same issue?
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    larger dbcache=fewer resets. check out existing threads.
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    FWIW, after the last firmware update my 650 pretty much only resets on me when I'm doing some heavy web browsing with Xiino. Are you on the latest firmware? If so, perhaps there's an app you're using that's causing you so many resets?
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    ditto with Scott

    my 650 has worked AWESOMELY since the first ROM update (1.08, I think)?
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    This is pretty much addressed and laid to rest wih the last 15 "how do you like your treo?" polls.

    Resets are the exception, not the norm. Other than Than the issues with lose sims, versamail, betaware, freeware treos are exceptionally stable. Everyone is always blaming their 3rd party software bugs on the wrong people.
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    P.S. What's up Dutch I get my 700p today and the 6700 is getting ebayed

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