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    ps please reply with your results so we can either make this an official release or fix some bugs.

    regards, tyler
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    I set the Green button to go to Contacts and my Phone button to call people, however when I enter the contacts, it doesn't allow me to call people via the Phone button. Thats all I noticed so far. Looks like everything else is solid!
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    looks solid so far tyler - I've made the phone button my only phone device, menu is now shift, and green send is the menu. Everything is working perfectly.
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    perfect here!! good for you!
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    My only desire is that withing contacts, i have the Green Send button as my all in one phone button. But if i highlight a phone number in contacts, the green button doesn't dial, it just takes me to the phone app.

    If that could be arranged, i'd be stoked.

    Otherwise, seems great.
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    All good here!
    green button: menu
    phone: all phone
    red: power on/off
    home: launcher/initiate
    menu: shift
    Question, though, is there any way to make the menu button assignable to another app of my choice?

    Otherwise, lovin it!
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    How do I define another launcher as my "default launcher" so that home will go there?
    Laissez Faire
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    I believe that you would check the box for "make home go to your launcher.
    And of course, make sure within your other launcher it is also assigned.
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    I've noticed several programs where the Send-as-Menu button hasn't worked for me. Example, Call Log. That one is particularly buggy because when I hit the Send/Menu button it instantly calls up the menu and dials the top name -- I can't stop it. In other programs, for some reason, the Send-as-Menu button doesn't work at all or does something buggy. And in all those cases, the normal Menu button (bottom right) works fine. Are you aware of these bugs from other users?
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    working great for me. The shift button now works with only pressing once. Nice fixes
    Jimmie Geddes
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    This is exciting! My Treo has been working great since I took off TreoGuard & Butler (despite a delay when going from Internet to another application). This is the only system app I will be installing once it's official. Tyler, you da bomb!
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    I'd say that this is ready for release
    Jimmie Geddes
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    In the pick list, 2Day does not seem to appear. Am I missing something?
    Laissez Faire
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    I'd say that this is ready for release

    I'd still like to see a fix for the Contacts issues, but otherwise, i'd agree. Seems to work great, and is very stable.
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    Set up like a 650, it's very close. Two comments:

    1) :Phone button should dial contacts (as others have mentioned)

    2) The "Make Home goto YOUR launcher" option is a little confusing. It seems to force the Home hardbutton to my launcher. If I leave this option unchecked & assign the green button as my new :Home button (like 650), the green button now goes to ZLauncher instead of the Palm launcher (even though the "Make Home Goto YOUR Launcher" option is not selected). I assume you're referring to the hardbutton only in this option...but it coudl be confusing. I think it would make more since to have a "Use 3rd party launcher" (default is checked) or simply to remove this option altogether and let enabling LudusP take care of supporting 3rd party launchers implicitly.

    3) When the red button is mapped to menu it still turns on the phone (I don't think the 650 menu button did). Probably not fixable & not a big deal...but different.

    Thanks for your efforts, LudusAdmin! Well worth my $5.
    Motorola Startac → Samsung SCH-8500 → SonyEricsson T608 → Treo 650 → Treo 700p
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    Works like ch ch ch ch charm Tyler... thx bro!
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    purchased my copy today! Thanks
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    in ver 1.13 I was able to assign the phone button to run blazer, I don't see blazer or web listed as an option anymore please bring back.

    P.S. I am not driving now
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Hi, So is there a new version to try?
    Treo 700p, 650p 600p, 300p, IIIc, III, Vx, USR Palm Pilot, Newton Message Pad 130, Newton Message Pad 120, (Was there a MP 100?), HP Calculator, Pencil and Paper, Chisel and Rock ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by IamVincent
    Hi, So is there a new version to try?
    you kiddin'

    read today's posts.


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