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    Dutchtrumpet I know Tyler can speak for himself, I was on IM with him and he told me he was was going to work on it tomorrow. I didn't say anyone was picking on him. I think you should report issues. No need to get all defensive.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    The kid had a long night working on an app he doesn't have a device for. Just don't want him to get frustrated by some minor things that could wait.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    just reporting bugs. Just let him speak for himself.
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    Is it possibly for this ap to dedicate the green button to turn the screen on and off? I am currently using TreoGuard which turns the screen off after 5 seconds. On the 650 I could dedicate the power button to turn the screen on and off. That feature doesn't work on the 700. Hitting the red button ends the call. Hitting the phone button will take me to the screen saver, which I then have to hit it again to get the call screen. It's rather annoying. If this ap can do what I'm asking, I'll buy it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths
    Has anyone had any issues with Launcher X 1.2.2 and LudasP? I was working with Jeff today and its possible that the two apps might have some incompatibilities. Mainly the issue of the home button as both try to take control of it. Some users of LX stated reboots on using the Home key, which I did, but later resolved. I am not sure how I fixed it though yet.
    Works fine for me: LudusP 1.3 and LauncherX 1.2.2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl
    Works fine for me: LudusP 1.3 and LauncherX 1.2.2.
    I narrowed down the issue. It was related to KeyGuardTime+. I have been talking with the author and I emailed him my latest findings. I can reproduce a reboot on a clean install with just that program.

    However, LauncherX 1.2.2 seems to fix the Keyguardtime+ reboot issue.
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    Registered and loaded 1.13. Very happy to have Initiate as my go-to launcher on the home key.
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    I know Tyler took down the latest/beta version, but can someone be so kind and send me that version? I would love to play around with it tonight.

    Please PM me if you can help me out and I will PM you back my e-mail address.


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    i cant set my versamail as my"mail" button on 1.13 it just doest nothing when you press it
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    okay, so, to sort of make things a bit easier when going through and fixing any 1.5 bugs (or even older 1.13 bugs) throughout the day as people check this thread could you just put the bug in as much detail as possible in a post?

    If someone else has posted a bug that you have experienced, could you just let me know that you've seen it as well? and if you feel like you could add more detail to what exactly the problem is please go ahead.

    btw, does anyone know if UPS delivers on Saturday? on their site it says the Treo is out for delivery... does that mean today or monday?

    regards, tyler
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    UPS does indeed do saturday delivery. If it says out for delivery, you shoudl get it today.
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    Hey Tyler. Great App. Thanks for all you hard work and dedication.

    I encountered a problem using Graffiti Anywhere (the latest version - 1.5.7) with Ludus. When I activate it, Ludus seems to be shut off even if it is set active. I would like to continue to have the graffiti option. Any suggestions?
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    Hey Tyler, Thanks for the great app. Without it, I may has tossed the 700p off my 3rd floor balcony : )

    Question/Issue: Last night I was accidently dialing #'s and I finally figured out why...When in the contacts app with a # highlighted the phone button acts like the center button did on the 650.

    I wondered if we can give the all in one phone button the same funtionality as on the 650.

    On the 650 I could be anywhere, (including contacts) hit the phone button and I'll go to phone. When I'm at phone, if I hit the phone button again I get a list with call log, dial pad, and my last dialed calls.

    On the 700p if I'm in contacts with a # highlighted and I press phone, rather that go back to the phone page it will dial the number, where as on the 650, the center button of the 5 way would dial, and the phone button would take you back to phone.

    So that's to get back to 650 functionality.

    Then a feature request if possible that I also missed on the 650 was when you do go to call log, rather than highlight the cancel button by default, I'd like it if the first # at the top of the call log was highlighted (Like on the Treo 600 : )

    Also, is the latest version going to be here or on your site? When I went to your site last night I think it had 1.13 but then on TC it had 1.5.

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    I know its early, but any chance you have found the fix for the menu button not working anymore.
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    new bug....the option button doesn't work as it used to. you now have to hold down the option key and press another. it's useable but hard to get used to. Just something else to worry about. It appears to be the same with the shift button too. Can't just push the key then the button you have to hold it down.

    I'm usin 1.5 from last night by the way.
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    I disagree with iamvincent. the 650 of I remember let you dial a number from contacts by hitting the phone key.....i much prefer to have it the way it is....

    if just a name is hilighted, it goes to the phone app...but if a number is hilighted, the all in one should dial the number.
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    Tyler Looks like your treo700 will be here today, UPS does deliver, Fedex usually not
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    Quote Originally Posted by SailRace
    I disagree with iamvincent. the 650 of I remember let you dial a number from contacts by hitting the phone key.....i much prefer to have it the way it is....
    I agree, as I was the one to make the request!

    Quote Originally Posted by SailRace
    if just a name is hilighted, it goes to the phone app...but if a number is hilighted, the all in one should dial the number.
    THIS is what I forgot about! I knew the "Phone Button" could also bring you back to the main page/phone app. If this could be fixed in a future update, I'd be quite pleased!
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    The more and more I use it, the more the shift and option buttons are driving me nuts...

    and yes, if we couild have the phone button (whichever one we use) get us back to the phone page if a name is highlighted in the contacts, not a number, that would be awesome.

    Keep up the incredible work Tyler.
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    Not trying to be impatient...but any further developments?

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