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    LudusP, the first utility for the Treo 700p, has been released by Ludus Technologies, Inc.

    LudusP allows users to change the functions of the device's hard keys, eliminating redundancy and greatly improving efficiency.

    • Make Home Goto YOUR Launcher :Forces the Home button to launch your default launcher!
    • All-in-1 Phone Button: Why did Palm put two of the same button on the Treo 700p? The Green Send button and the Blue Phone Key do the SAME THING. Why use both when you could just use one and remap the other to whatever you want? Check this box and choose the button you want to assume full Phone responsibility. Whichever one you didn't choose you can remap as described below.
    • Make Menu Shift : Restore the right shift key to the way it was on the 650.
    In addition, you can remap the hard keys to make them open another app, launch the launcher, call up the Menu, or call up the Command Bar.

    it's been a lot of fun working with everyone, thanks very much for your support. Only with the dedication of TreoCentral could a developer hope to write a device-specific utility WITHOUT ever having touched the device!


    best regards, tyler
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    Quote Originally Posted by LudusAdmin
    LudusP fixes a bunch of issues with the 700p:

    1) Make Home really Home: Forces the Home button to launch your default launcher! Right now, it ONLY launches the default launcher. not good is you use Zlauncher or LauncherX!

    2) ONE Phone Button: Put the functionality of the Green Send and the Blue Phone buttons into one! Your choice, and you'll be able to remap whichever one you don't choose

    3) Make Menu Shift: restore the right shift key to the way it was on the 650

    also lets you remap the hard keys.You can pick from the special actions (denoted by a colon) or launch an app, pref panel or DA.

    Special Actions:
    :Home: Launches default launcher
    :Menu Opens the menu
    :CmdBar opens the command bar, otherwise inaccessible on the Treo
    Good until June 10, 2006 (after my exams). Please post comments, good and bad. regards, tyler
    What a fricking treat.... Thanks a million Ludus...

    this actually makes waiting for tomorrow / Wed delivery even more unbearable... - please do let us know if you'll be accepting donations via paypal....
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    If I install this on my 650 will it turn into a 700?
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    minor update, you might want to redownload if you got it in the last 15 minutes

    regards, tyler

    ps: NO! only for 700p ;-) (which i don't even have!)
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    momentarily down...

    regards, tyler
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    i have to make a change to the ARM code. i'll put the new version up tomorrow after my final is over. (like, 4pm or so). then all of you eager treo owners can get a fully functioning version!

    regards, tyler
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    Tyler let us know when link is live...
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    Link is still down, correct?
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    yes, coming tomorrow at 1pm. i'm getting it ready to go.

    regards, tyler
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    This program is AWESOME...keep up the great work!
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    it's been up since this afternoon. sorry to take so long to update this thread. all of the discussion is going on here:

    link to ludusp:

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