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    Well, I got the Toughskin by Speck Products for my Treo 650. So far I like it. It fits really well and feels good in your hands also. There are two negatives IMO.
    One, there is no slot for the card to be taken in and out of the phone without taking the skin off the phone. I suppose you could stretch the hole over the card but I would not. If you have a card export program that would not be an issue I suppose.
    Two, the clip while it holds the phone very securely, the clip itself does not have that much clamping pressure to hold on to you, or your clothes. It holds on really well up on your waist, but then the phone kind of digs in your side if you know what I mean. I usually wear mine on my jean or pant pocket though. To be fair and honest I may just have a bad clip so I will see when I get another one later.
    Now I know that your phone is supposed to go face in, but really it can go face out also and that is the way I use it most. With the case as rugged as it is and the little plastic flip up window I do not see face out as a problem. Even Speck has designed the holders for the 700 series to face out or in and suggest facing out.
    As there is not much diiference between them size wise I would like to try a 700 clip on the 650 when they become available from spare parts. The plastic window has taken some getting used to for me, but then the Treo is still new to me and I do not know all the short cuts yet for answering and such.
    There is a flap on the bottom so you can charge in plug in your headphones without taking it out of the skin.
    The buttons on the skin are not hard to press to get to the function either. In fact you can sometimes see the lights of the buttons through the skin. Although they look black, they may in fact be smoke colored. I may take my Dremel tool and put a small hole so that when it is face out the mike is not covered so I won't have to take it out of the clip, I can just unclip it from me instead.
    Now for some pictures. I tried to take them to show how it clips in and how much room or clearence there is once you do so.
    All in all I am glad I got it. As far as dirt sticking to the skin, well I can take it off and rinse it once a week but so far it has not really gotten that much on it to worry about. I know it has already paid for itself as far as getting scratches on my phone that is for sure. If anyone would like addtional pictures from more angles just let me know.
    That is all.

    This shot is with the clip the correct way. The only thing about face in is you can not see who is calling to know if it is worth answering the phone or not.

    This shot is with the phone in the clip face out. Note that there is plenty of clip on the top and bottom to hold it in securely.

    This shot shows how far the top clip comes over the phone

    This shot shows the space between the clip and the phone face in, so no worries of your keyboard being rubbed by the clip. You can also see how far each end of the clip wraps over the phone.

    This shot although blurry shows how much the clip covers even though it is in face out.
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    Thanks for this. I was actually looking today for a review of this product. Thanks for getting my bat signal!
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    Thanx for your input. I have a Black ToughSkin as well and the major problem was stretching. After a month or so the case got pretty sloppy. A dissapointment for me considering the price. My solution was to buy one of those thin silicone cases on eBay for cheap and use it as a sock, or as a liner for the ToughSkin case. This has worked quite well and I have been using it this way for several months now.
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    Yeah, mine is very tight fitting. I got a good case and a sloppy clip! Oh well. Can't wait to try the 700 clip though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Thanks for this. I was actually looking today for a review of this product. Thanks for getting my bat signal!
    LMAO! No problem!
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    The case stretches in time. You will soon see....

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