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    Long story short, I'm gonna sell my T650, and all of its accessories.. what precautions should I take to remove all of my old information and reduce the chances of it freezing up on the new owner? I've thought about doing a hard reset..and that SHOULD be all I need to do..right?
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    Hard reset to remove all data. As far as freezing, not much you can do as long as it has the latest firmware.

    If the buyer chooses to install a 3rd party software that's not really compatible, it will reset regardless. Better yet, point him over to TreoCentral and read the stickies on the 650 particularly the one about the 650 Compatibility thread.

    Good Luck!
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    I would do a zero out reset.,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(887),ts=Palm_External2001#zeroout
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    I am in the same boat, but I have a custom ROM. I am going to return it to the stock ROM and do a zero out reset. Does that seem like a good plan?
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    Yeah I definitely wouldnt sell a phone to someone with the custom rom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bijou
    I would do a zero out reset.
    Good luck!
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    I have sold a bunch of Treos (25) on ebay. Take lots of pics, describe it accurately, and send them a link to Treocentral and you should have a happy buyer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaharr
    Good luck!
    Right? I feel like I should be on Cirque du Soleil when I do a zero out.
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    I reflashed my firmware and ROM with the latest Cingular one available. I then did a hard reset followed by a zero out reset. When I did the zero out reset, it appeared dead for about 15-20 seconds and then came on asking me to calibrate they touchscreen with the stylus.

    The instruction provided a few posts back stated, "Your device will appear "dead" for several minutes (up to 10 minutes)"

    I am assuming my zero out reset went through correctly since it was dead for a short period. Anyone else have an experience where it went this fast?
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