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  • Now. Immediately. I also wait two weeks in line for Star Wars movies.

    50 44.64%
  • You know...maybe tomorrow.

    38 33.93%
  • Whenever I get around to it. I'm pretty satisfied as I am right now.

    20 17.86%
  • Um... I don't know if I'm going to. It's not that important to me.

    4 3.57%
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    Being a long-time lurker and rare poster, I've noticed an early adopter phenomenon that I can't seem to place.
    I have a 600, out-of-contract, and plan on picking up the 700p sometime soon - yet, I can't imagine myself going crazy about a phone. Is it just me, or is the 700p such a great and vital piece of hardware that I cannot absolutely live without? Do I really need to order immediately and fret about when it's going to be delivered?
    I'm just curious, for all you early adopters - what about the 700p makes you want to have it now, and not say...a week from now? What about the 700p is vital to your life immediately that you absolutely can't do with a 650 or 600? I'm trying to think of power business users here, but even with that, most of that stuff can be done with a 650.
    Don't get me wrong - I'm just detecting a bit of contradiction in our TC forums - a lot of people a complaining on how the 700p isn't that much of a huge upgrade, but then a majority of recent posts have been about the ennui of how we can't get our 700p's fast enough.
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    I've already bought mine but don't stand in line two weeks for movies.
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    I got the 600 the week it came out and had a few issues with it but nothing too bad. Then I got a 650 the week it came out. I ended up sending back the 650 because of the memory issues it had when it was released. I could not load Goodlink for work because of lack of memory. I thought I was going to pick up another one when the problem was solved but never did because the 600 was working perfect. Now I am ready for the new toy and should have my 700p Wednesday!
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    Smart people need the latest technology fast...

    BTW, I selected the second option because I don't stand in line to watch Star Wars. Honestly, I don't even like Star Wars type of movies. I like movies based more on current real life not someone's vision of the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I've already bought mine but don't stand in line two weeks for movies.
    I'm getting it ASAP, but, like Dutch, don't stand in lines for movies.

    I want it now. But I'm upgrading from a regular phone, so you can see why I want it now.
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    I so want mine, and i want it NOW, lol. Just got to wait for the hollywood or a GSM version, this bit is always the hardest (from the 600 and 650 days) when are you guys are talking about your new toys and we're sitting here without them,
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    Seems like this is the perfect thread on which to make my first post.

    Decided to dump my Samsung i500 and make the move to Treo with the 700p two days ago, and it should be delivered the day after tomorrow. Very excited.
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    Got the 650 with the expectations of having more memory and combine devices (had a Tungsten C and loved it). I was kinda disappointed with the 650 specifically due to the memory & the resets. I got the 700p on order.

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    Wait two weeks in line? No. Three days at best.

    I tend to jump every other upgrade. My 600 and I have been very happy together. I use it constantly and rarely do I get a reset or problem. Reading the forums I found it easy to hold off upgrading to the 650. Not that I didnít want one; but, I just didnít want the headaches. From what I have seen so far, the 700p looks like a 650 on steroids. Iím ready, I want it. No cash at the moment but next week I am selling my house and upgrading my vision plan and ordering a 700p. No Iím not selling the house to buy the 700, but if I have to sell, Iím gonna buy.
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    Where's the "I have to wait for a GSM version:-(" option?
    That's me.
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    The 700p is the newest hot girl in the neighborhood...

    No matter - how good looking your girl is - how great the back rubs are - how awesome the broiled chicken and rice dinner tastes... when she walks into the room/office/gym for the first time... you're taking a long look at her -

    or am I just shallow?
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    i went with #2, just cause i dont like starwars :P
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    700p no. Something else yes, prob. WM5 flavored. He said, from GSM-land.
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    I picked #1 since I am a full-fledged early adopter. But I don't wait in lines for movies...that's lame. I wait months for them to come out on DVD so I can watch them on my 65" HDTV with DTS 7.1 sound using equipment that I bought on the first day that it came out.
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    I voted for whenever!!! I may or may not upgrade. I do have the money saved & ready to go if I do choose to upgrade...
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    NOW. I've had it with my Treo 600. Need the faster internet access, more processor speed, ram, better keyboard, and so on. And it helped to cash in on a $500 Sprint credit I had coming to me.
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    Mods - seeking permission to remove the "600" in my screen name...?
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    the 700p simply fails to impress me. my next treo is going to have built-in wifi, until then my 650 will do absolutely fine.
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    I picked up a 700w 2 weeks ago - I hate it. The folks at Verizon were cool enough to extend the 15 day exchange period to allow me to get the P thursday. Can't wait!
    -- although I would never wait in line for a movie, I love to get new technology the day it's released!
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    I have a Treo 600 which has served me well. I want faster internet, bluetooth, sharper display, all the bells and whistles. Since I am out of contract, now is the best time for me to renegotiate and get the best deal.

    Do I need it, no. Do I want it, yes!

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