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    I'm a recent convert to mac. I like my imac so much I decided to dump my PC laptop for a new black macbook. All is good but I used Treonet on my PC laptop to access the internet through my Sprint Treo600. I cannot find any Mac programs that will allow me to do this on my Treo600. I tried wireless modem from but it simply locked up my mac. Is it not compatible with Intel mac's or was my experience an odd one?

    Currently I have bootcamp running so I can boot into windows XP and use treonet but it amazes me that as progressive a group as the Mac camp are that we cannot do this form OS X.

    Any Ideas?
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    its too bad, but probably because bluetooth DUN is so simple when you tether a treo 650 to the Mac using the native mac bluetooth manager, that people have not invested a lot of time into developing an application that does a wired tether with the treo 600 on the Mac.
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    Acutually there was a program called Wireless Modem that I used successfully to tether my 600 to my G4 Powerbook under 10.3.x. It worked beautifully. With the release of the 650 and 10.4.x and now the IntelMacs, I don't think it is actively being developed for the 600 anymore.

    I was in a bind but my 600 died about the time I was looking for a new solution. Now I BT tether with new phone.

    Welcome to Mac. I use several OSs and OSX is by far the one I prefer.

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