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    Hi, I purchased two 700ps from the jfk store after I saw the post that they were in. I tried several times with sprint (tech and advanced tech support) to get it activated and they didn't have the esn in their computer. I called palm tech support and they couldn't help either.
    Quite frustrating.
    Wayne Van De Graaff
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    Thanks, guys. I will call them in a couple of hrs when I get home and let you know.
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    Thank you, same problem, and for everything who thnks this is crap I had plenty pre-production devices activated on sprint and verizon so it is nothing new here. For some reason it comes back INVALID ESN, NOT IN DB (DATABASE) CHECK ESN, thats the error, so you guys tell me...want my ESN? ill make anyone here a deal...I give you the ESN and YOU activate and you get $200... any takers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawilson2
    I concur. I wasn't directly attacking you (if you were offended I apologize sincerely). I'm attacking this whole Chicken Little atmosphere on the board, and most of it was been unfounded. Your case may be true, but many others have not been. Take the Developer thread for instance. What a load of crap. Scaring people like that, causing people to cancel orders, worry about the "authorities" coming after them, etc. It was ridiculous. My whole point was that we all need to tone it down a notch. Now, since your problem is legit, I apologize for vocalizing my frustration in this thread.
    Somebody with some sense around here!

    Anyways, considering the Palm store warned you the Treo couldn't be activated, and you thought you knew better than they, and bought the thing anyways. Whose fault is that? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    They didnt say one word to me...oh treo 700p? sure sir, $703 please... ok thanks...sprint ESN activate? No sir sprint cant activate it please drive your *** to the sprint store they can do it...called sprint store can you do this? sure sir, heres the wont activate sir. Thanks Sprint/Palm
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    If you don't want the ESN heartaches, you can wait for the GSM
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    Maybe it's the batch that was at JFK someone else purchased from a Palm store and had no problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by MHR
    I can tell you that the SF Palm store's 700p's can be activated. Mine was.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Joe
    If you don't want the ESN heartaches, you can wait for the GSM
    Or you can just buy it from somewhere else....
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    Dont get rid of your other phone until this one works properly and can be activated. Don't burn your bridges. One or three more days of wait is not a big deal.
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    Wiat for GSM? GSM is dead anyway.

    A few more years and CDMA and GSM converge. CDMA wins. ESNs will win out.

    I wish it wasn't the case (I like the portability of SIM cards) but that progress for ya.
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    hey Jimmie did you get your phone from the Palm Store at Newark Airport or did you finally get it delivered.
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    No, I am waiting for it to be delivered. Palm's site says it shipped, I was hoping for tomorrow. I think it's wednesday.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Well most likely your looking at Wednesday, they will probably ship out tomorrow
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    Quote Originally Posted by mariog7
    Guys, you aren't listening - I thought the person at the Palm store was clueless when they told me I couldn't activate it immediatley, so I even took it to the local Sprint store. They bar code scanned the ESN (underneath the battery), and the computer said the serial number is not in the Sprint db. Lawilson, get a life. I am spending my memorial day trying to help others so they don't have the same problem I am experiencing.
    No you are spending time creating a pannick thread.
    This is like the handful of people who ordered from palm, can't figure out the obvious point thatt shipping and order info updates are likly to be ambiguious over the holiday weekend and start threads without CALLING palm customer support.

    Nowhere in your comments is what was told to you by the serious people you are supposed to call: tech support at Palm and Sprint.

    Your phone has a sprint logo on it right? It came in a sprint box. right?

    You are going to come out fine. take a deep breath, and call sprint. maybe you have to wait until tomorrow. It will sort out.

    You bought a hot phone the day it was introduced over a holiday weekend it is perfectly likly that a group of serial numbers has not yet been recorded.

    For goodness sakes, if it isnt working tommorow count yourself LUCKY as you will probably be able to get a month credit from sprint. for sure it will be sorted out wihtin a couple of BUSINESS days
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    I was told it will be in Sprint's system this Thursday, 6/1.
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    I have the answer. It is only the phones from jfk. I just went to Newark and switched out the two 700s I bought from jfk and they work GREAT!!! I'm posting this on my new, wonderful 700. Blazer is awesome.
    The people at Newark were totally nice. They didn't make me drive back to jfk and just swapped.
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    I had a feeling it was just the JFK phones

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    Maybe it's the batch that was at JFK someone else purchased from a Palm store and had no problem.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I can't believe that you drove to JFK and Newark airport. How did you get to the stores, I thought you had to have a ticket to get near them?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Yes wkv2101 is right. So far it is only the JFK store. The people at the Newark store were incredibly helpful and made sure everything went smooth. The Newark Store at terminal A is accessible to the public, the JFK store is not and they had to bring the phone out past the security checkpoint.
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    Damn JFK.. I'm sure the mafia had something to do with this....
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