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    Is there anyway to order the 700p from the Palm website AND port my number from Verizon to Sprint?

    If I order from the Palm site I can get the 1 gig SD card, free overnight, a $30 cheaper price, and not pay sales tax.
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    When ordering from Palm for Sprint, it does ask if you want to port a number over. I chose no, but plan to let Sprint take care of that during the activation.
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    I just ordered from and it looks like Sprint will do the porting when I receive the Treo. However, I just noticed this, when I selected the fair and flexible plan N&W minutes were described:

    Unlimited night and weekend minutes beginning at 7 pm (or 6 pm for $10/mo)

    However, a few pages later when it asked me if I wanted to select any additional features, I saw this:

    Start your nights and weekends three hours earlier! Now, unlimited night and weekend minutes begin at 6pm.

    Now I'm hoping that "three" is just a typo because on the Sprint website that additional feature reads "one hour earlier" as it should.

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