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    I've seen a few posts here and there from folks who've picked up the phone from a local store, but these tend to be scattered here and there and so thought I would centralize it in one thread. I know there was one store in Chicago and one in Nasheville then sold the 700P to someone. Any others? This could include Sprint Stores or any other "bricks and morter" establishment, like Best Buy, Radio Shack, CompUSA, etc. Please post the name of the store, the city, state, and if not the exact address at least just the general area/street for the store. Also, post when you got the phone and any other pertinant info (like, for example, that the manager said there were only two left, or that they weren't going to sell it to you until you said X). Thanks!
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    While not completely on target... i've finally gotten the skivvy on stores in my areas.

    TULSA, OKLAHOMA / OKLAHOMA CITY , OKLAHOMA (I'm sure tons of you live here )

    I've gotten about 4 stores tellin me they are on trucks for tomorrow, and will sell, and will pricematch.... Get excited Oklahoma.

    Both stores on 71st and Memorial *Tulsa* confirmed Tuesday AM shipments

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