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    My Treo 300 needs a new battery. I found a third party battery for about $70.00. I have yet to find instructions on how to change the battery. They are not in the users manual. Does anyone know where to find the instruction or know how to change the battery.

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    $70 is WAY WAY to high for a replacement battery. Hopefully you can find a Batteries Plus (or other Battery Store) that can offer you a cheaper price. I think around $20 may be more reasonable. Shop around a bit more if you can.

    Basicly you need a #0 Phillips to remove the outer screws and apply some delicate pressure with your fingernail along the seam of the phone... particularly around the area of the Sync Port. This should allow the "cover" to be pulled away... The Ear piece is attached with a small wire which can be removed carefully... There are several other screws that attach the boards to each other and the backing. You want to access the Battery which is double-side taped to the case and plugged into the phone. Be sure to backup/hot sync everything since you will loose all but the 300's default OS. Remove the Battery's plug from the phone and replace with a new one.

    Reverse the procedure and attach the Ear piece wire again... Be sure to "snap" the cover back into place properly. Take your time... It's fairly straight forward... no rush and you'll be OK. ?s feel free to ask.

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