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    Has anyone tried any remote desktop apps like mobilets yet? If so, how much of an improvement have you seen?
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    I'm very much looking forward to trying this on my 700p!
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    Logmein on my 700w over EVDO is very impressive. iam hoping for a similar experience with the 700p and some other app (right now logmein doesn't support palmos, I don't think anyway).
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    id really like to know how VNC/Remote Desktop works on the 700p! if anyone could try it out.. post the results! thanks
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    logmein is extremely impressive, I used it when I had my 6700...I'm hoping they make a palm compatible version
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    anyone know of any remote desktop apps for the Treo?

    EDIT: looks fun, hopefully ill test tomorrow
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    I used Mobile TS on my treo 650
    I can't wait to try it on 700p

    This soft uses Terminal Services - works great with access to Win 23k server

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