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    In observance of the holiday? Or should I continue my hunt tomorrow?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mariog7
    In observance of the holiday? Or should I continue my hunt tomorrow?
    The ones near me are, but holiday hours. They were closed yesturday for the holiday. But none of the ones that i still know people at have the 700
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    They are around me but good luck gettin an answer from someone in there about anything.
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    Yeah, really. I talked to someone yesterday and asked "Do you have the Treo 700p" and I got "Que?....heard some spanish then "no".
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    It's funny - I just got back from my local Sprint store; they were keeping normal hours today. I was the first one in there when they opened. First I went to clueless girl. Asked her about 700p - she said mid-June maybe. Then saw the manager and I had talked to him before. He came up to me and said without me asking - hopefully June 4th. When I told him other stores were gettting and selling them he was amazed. He said he didn't even know yet how much they would cost.

    Well I've still got my order in with Palm with the free SD card. If a local store gets them in first, I'll get it there using my $75 upgrade discount. If not, I'll just keep the Palm one. I need the SD card anyway, so it comes out about even.

    In the meantime, since I sold my 650 (got $330 for it); I'm struggling along with my old 300 which won't hold a charge all day.

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