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    Quote Originally Posted by LudusAdmin
    some info: SharkBtn2 from ludustech pre-beta specs

    -allows you to remap any button/button combination (hardkeys, treo keyboard, option+keys (even option + home or option + menu)) to do anything else (simulate another key press event, launch an app, write a new SMS, dial your friend, open a URL, pull up the CmdBar, which is by default impossible on the Treo)

    -uses ARM native code and adds no time difference to system speed. none at all. seriously. you won't even notice it, but it's there in the background. and it helps. a lot.

    -i learned a lot from SharkBtn 1. the code for handling keypresses has gone from 140 lines in the first iteration to about 35 in this one. MUCH more efficient, much stabler, and it just works.

    -i'm working on adding in a feature that lets you import/export button configs to share online.

    so, anyone who contacts me will get a free version of SharkBtn2, a credit in the about screen, and a chance to help millions of treo users world-wide...

    best regards, tyler
    Okay smack me, but how do I contact you?
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    i will have a beta ready really soon, but it just has the basic options as a proof of concept app. so, you can remap the hard keys, make ONE phone button, make Menu act as shift, make Home REALLY home, etc...

    but there's no double tap, triple tab, long hold, short hold in. yet. it's only a first release.

    regards, tyler
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    Tyler will we be able to set the buttons up exactly as our Treo 650's are now? Two top buttons home and menu, phone, calendar, mail, call end?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    BETA... BETA....BETA....BETA....BETA.... Say it with me!!!
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato
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    no jimmie, unfortunately not b/c my utility leaves the ON/OFF button alone. you can get pretty darn close though (say, green send = HOME, phone = phone, calendar and mail are the same, home = menu, and menu in hte bot right corner gets turned into shift).

    so you can get 95% of the way, but those last two buttons will be inverted

    regards, tyler
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    the BETA is ready. can someone go on AIM and test it for me?


    regards, tyler
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    No prob Tyler, thanks for making the 700p better before I even got it. Don't forget to send me one to try out on mine
    Jimmie Geddes
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    /me is totally missing out on all the fun beta days :P

    Ill play around with it tomorrow *hopefully*

    Thanks for this fix.... already looking forward to it
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    well, i can't do any more with it. i've added in what i can think of and now we need to see if it works. i need someone to either mail me a 700 or (Easier solution) go on AIM and give it a whirl.

    cheers, tyler
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    okay, as of right now LudusP (the official name) is confirmed to be working by dcpstreet, which means i can release a public beta. i'll post back soon

    regards, tyler
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    Cool, looking forward to it Tyler.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    kindly add me to the beta list, if you are taking one
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    nah, it'll be a public beta in the LudusTech forum (right here on TreoCentral!) till end of exams. then i'll release.

    i will post the link here when i make the thread.

    cheers, tyler
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    I just want to say thanks for your hard work... sometimes people forget to say thank you...

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    no problem. take a look, public beta for all interested:
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    Thanks Tyler...

    Boy, is this gonna make waiting for that darn phone even harder over the next couple of days... shhheeeesssshhhh -

    Let us know if/where we can send you some coin for this work -
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    Quote Originally Posted by LudusAdmin
    no problem. take a look, public beta for all interested:
    Great work. Can't wait to try it tomorrow after you make the necessary changes.
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