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    I just bought that Ringo pro for my Treo 650, and I cant figure out how to get mp3's as ringtones. The ones you buy in their store are kinda lame. Can anyone walk me through the steps to get awesome ringtones on my Treo?
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    Anyone? Anyone? Im totaly lost!
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    k.. do u want to use the mp3 songs/tones that u have on ur computer or do u want to know a place where u could find great mp3 tones?

    for the first thing, i can post a step-by-step procedure with pics in a few mins if that's what u want.
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    I guess I need a place where I can find mp3s. I have some on my comp, but they are too long to put them on my phone
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    I use Quicktime to chop out a 30-second clip. Also, make sure to put them on the SD card - that way you can store several.
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    I dont even know how to do that!
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    Bump. I'd like to know how also.
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    sorry for not posting earlier... kinda late where i live, will do it tomorrow for sure.
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    I have tried to use it without success.
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    From what I understand, you can only play mp3's as ringtones, even with Ringo Pro, if you save the mp3 ringtones on an SD card.

    If there's a way to save the mp3 files onto the phone's memory, I'd like to know how to do that as well.
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    Go to this thread, and you can skip down to post #5:

    This will let you put your own ringtones on your phone without having to have a 3rd party ringtone software. The instructions will help you convert your short mp3 clip into an AMR file. If you transfer your AMR file to your phone via the Infrared port, they will automatically be saved on your phone's memory in the proper location, and will be selectable as a ringtone. Or you can use a card reader and save the files to your SD card if you wish.
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    ^^ What's the best quality/bitrate for AMR? I've tried a lot using a ringtone converter and they come out terrible.
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    A matter of fact any 3rd party app for Ringtones will either work or it won't obviously some people are having problems and some are not. As for my Ringo didnt work most of the time my phone would reset itself in the middle of a call or when an incoming call came in.
    So I called the manufacture and they gave me refund with out any questions The rep didnt know why it would work on some phones and not others. I have checked around with palm even tho they sell ringo on their website and they tell me the dont recommend any 3rd party software for the treo 650. It's a crap shoot!

    If anyone out there has used any other program as a ringtone manager Please let me know Im willing to try em all till i find one that works.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfacelle
    I use Quicktime to chop out a 30-second clip. Also, make sure to put them on the SD card - that way you can store several.
    I use Audacity to do the same thing (freeware).

    It allows you to fade in on the clip and fade out. Works like a charm.
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