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    Should be soon. They've been pretty good at releasing timely updates in the past.
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    I am soooo bummed not to have this working. I swear this program made my 650 the COOLEST thing ever. I was SOOO bummed not to have it. I have emailed with softtick and get the same 'working on it' thing. I can't keep checking their damn page for updates 100x a day anymore!

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    If you guys want to play around with something that KIND of works, try downloading SAG 1.03, which is available on Softick's site. I've used it on my 700P with HT820's and it works, sort of. You can't pause or track forward or reverse, and it's hit or miss sometimes to even pair with the headset. But if play with it a bit, you can get it to work. It's obviously not a realistic solution, especially since sometimes it causes dropouts so bad that it becomes unusable, but it's still cool to get it working if just for a while in order to experience it and get a flavor for what may be coming once Softick solves the issues...

    As for the new version coming out, I'm as dissapointed as everyone else. I don't have any experience with such stuff visa vis Softick, but their comment about 2-3 weeks back on May 31 would have meant that it should have been out a few days ago at the latest. I totally understand that these estimates are loose and can slip due to unanticipated consequences, but especially when you do GIVE this fairly concrete estimate and you know a lot of people can't use the program at all UNTIL the fixes are made, I think it would behoove you to be a bit more communicative. If the developer(s) simply posted a message saying "oops, we ran into a few snags, but we are hoping to get it out next week, but we'll keep you informed in case that gets pushed again," hey, I would give them all the slack in the world. I'm betting it's a pretty hard thing to solve, or else they would have come out with a solution already. But while I can't fault a company for not coming out with a fix for a brand new product within X days, what I can do is fault them for not communicating effectively and regularly enough with their customers (current and potential)...
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