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    yay my Treo just arrived! Ironically it was just as I was calling Palm for the tracking number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81
    what does your schedualed delivery say?
    Scheduled Delivery 05/31/2006
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    Mine said 5/31 but when you click on details it says out for delivery

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    Just checked the UPS website, they delivered it to my house
    Jimmie Geddes
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    yeh i just called UPS they said they DO NOT hold packages back and if its out for delivery its coming today. Mine is,now just patiently waiting for the UPS guy......
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    Someone else already said this, but mine shows the delivery date as 5/31, but when I check the status it says:

    MIAMI, FL, US 05/30/2006 8:17 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY

    So you can probably expect it to arrive today.
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    wow look at this! Everything seemed to have happened today!

    Location Date Local Time Activity

    MIAMI, FL, US 05/30/2006 11:00 A.M. DELIVERY
    05/30/2006 8:05 A.M. OUT FOR DELIVERY
    05/30/2006 7:12 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
    05/30/2006 7:02 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    05/30/2006 6:35 A.M. ARRIVAL SCAN

    LOUISVILLE, KY, US 05/30/2006 4:22 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN
    05/30/2006 1:26 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN

    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    Just checked the UPS website, they delivered it to my house
    You @ work?
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    I am at work, my 700p is at home. I go to lunch at 1, and will get it then. I already have my seidio 2400 charged and ready to pop in the 700p
    Jimmie Geddes
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    wahooooooooooooo just called UPS, they said its out for delivery, even though doesnt show that status yet.
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    Someone at Palm screwed up something because UPS was showing that they had an incomplete address and had to request further info. Apparently they got what they needed but it resulted in my package not getting on the truck today. So I called and asked them to hold it so that I could pick it up. But now they say that I have to wait for confirmation and it may not be available for me to come get it until after 8pm. That would suck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aero
    1) I am sorry but I wonder what someone who has never used UPS is doing needing a treo 700?

    I have my own small consulting business from home. If I was shipping a package to be PICKED up by UPS on Tuesday I could have it in the system with a tracking number on saturday! I would have printed the label and submitted the pickup with the number. It could be sitting in my downstairs halway on saturday, sunday, the monday holiday, and tuesday til 11am -- and be showning on UPS as in the system and scheduled fro wednesday that whole time!

    2) the sales tax alone will be a lot of money. our sales tax is 7%. you will automatically pay about 40 to 45 more just in sales tax

    As I said considering it may still in the palm warehouse anywhere from 5:00 am to 5 pm (yes!) tomorrow if it is to be delivered next day on wednesday, ups is going to have quite a laugh.
    Guess you were wrong 'cause mine and others were delivered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natrix
    UPS usually sticks to their estimated delivery date. Even if their facility is next door to your house, they will go clear across town, make deliveries, wait a day, then give you your package when it is scheduled.
    Guess you were wrong 'cause mine and others were delivered.
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    I am on the phone with sprint doing my ESN. Is it me or does the 700p feel lighter than the 650?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Crap, I ordered last Monday, and still my UPS page says "UPS has received shipper's billing information electronically. Billing information received does not indicate shipment pickup or drop-off. Please contact the shipper for more details."

    Guess I have to patient one more day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaggrey
    yay my Treo just arrived! Ironically it was just as I was calling Palm for the tracking number.
    Same exact thing happened to me.

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    Scheduled delivery 5/31....Delivered to my mailroom on 5/30 at 9:26AM...In my hands at 1:35PM while on a call....Friggin deadlines and meetings ruining my afternoon!!!!!
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    I haven't had any movement in my tracking info for a couple of days. Is it still possible that I might receive it today? The scheduled date is for 5/31/2006.

    Location Date Local Time Activity
    LOUISVILLE, KY, US 05/27/2006 2:16 A.M. ORIGIN SCAN
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    Yep, mine's "out for delivery." Barring anything unforseen, I'll be joining you folks with a 700p later this afternoon!

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    My landlord was nice enough to sign for mine. I checked UPS and saw her name as the signature. I didn't even know she was home today, talk about great timing! I'll play with it tonight (the Treo, that is).
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