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    I asked two important questions about the upcoming version of PdaNet for the 700p and the answers are below:

    1. When is the expected date for PdaNet for the Treo 700p to be available?
    Should be avialable in a couple of weeks.

    2. Will Sprint/Verizon users need to purchase PAM (phone as a modem) service in order for PdaNet to work with the Treo 700p?
    PdaNet will go through the data plan on your cellphone and should just work right after installation without additional service.
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    Sounds good, but will Sprint know you are using it as a modem and bill you the .02 cent surcharge? or some other cost?
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    I heard there is a way that Sprint will know. When you connect to the net on your computer via your Treo, supposedly the phone knows & switches something on...
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    I know that on the samsung a920 (powervision) there is a secret menu that you can open and turn off the option to let sprint see the modem use. hopefully someone can help here and post the trick and code so we can use pdanet or bluetooth to tether the treo to our pc's

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    i realllllllllllllllly hope this is true.
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    What would be the point of using PDANet if the 700P comes with that functionality built-in?

    (Unless, of course, PDANet doesn't report the tethering to Sprint)
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    To answer your questions I got a follow up answer from PdaNet:

    So far we haven't seen any issue with that. But just in case it happens(the best way to be sure is to keep an eye on the online billing account), this version will provide a "proxy mode" besides the dialup mode, which use the network on your device as a proxy so the usage comes exactly from the device end.
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    ^I'm thinking that is possible. Using as a proxy would make it appear data is 'in-phone' use, meaning the $15/month PowerVision should work with PDANet.
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