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    got mine at a sprint store with the $150 discount, and i sold my old treo for $200 so i only paid $300 out-of-pocket, not bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpoleyeff
    Got mine today at a Sprint Store for $399 net, but not without a lot of work! I was eligible for $150 for having my 600 for 2 yrs. I tried to get them to match the $100 web discount or Verizon's $399 price, which they said they would until they found out I wasn't a new customer. At that point, I left and called Customer Care, and got connected to retentions after uttering something about Verizon. They gave me a $100 service credit. They also gave me some monthly text messages when I said I was bummed about losing that from my old $10 Vision plan.

    In the end, I got what I wanted, but it took 3 trips to the store, and 3 calls to Sprint.
    That is what we call sprint way. I dont think any company would be getting so many retention calls . So all smart folks of Sprint live in retention dept? lolzzz
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetfreaky
    what's the best way to get a cheap plan and a cheap phone price if you have been a customer for 10 years + and are not currently on a contract?
    I don't use a lot of minutes but i use data all the time.
    check sprintusers discussion group. you can lay out your current plan and usage on specific threads and quite a few sprint cs peopel who frequent that site will give you a good idea of what to expect from retention.

    if you are a 10+ customer (meaning you started on sprintpcs gsm the day it came out like me) and you pay your bills, you can easily expect 25% off any plan you see published, or 20% of the already discounted "retention plans" plus nights at 6, fimf, mobile to moble, and heavy credits on powervision, added lines (often free which is VERY good for adding new high end phones on the cheap), and phones a good deal cheaper than the lowest new customer net price for business or consumer users. (In the case of the treo 700p you easily qualify to buy a few for $300 a pop.)

    just go to sprintusers "tips and tricks" section

    whatever you do do NOT resign the contract or buy a phone untill you get a good deal from retention. spend a while doing some research. there are people paying half as much for more service than you from sprint, and you are talking two years savings as return fro the research you spend now.
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    ^^ Very good advice... Thats what I did and I could not be happier. In the long run they kept a long time customer, and I got the money saving plan I wanted.
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