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    Can someone who has the 700p please tell me if the earpiece volume is louder than the 650's? I know that the Verison 700w volume was a huge improvement over the 650. I am hoping that the 700p has a loud earpiece volume as I use my phone in noisy environments. thanks
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    Well, I tried my VZ 700p for a day and finally decided it was too low and installed VolumeCare 5.38 which seems to work fine so far. I think the 700p earpiece volume is a little louder than the 650 but not quite as loud as the 700W. On the other hand the ringer volume when set to max is louder on the 700p than on the 700W - that actually is plenty loud enough. Be interesting to hear what others think.

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    Thanks Frank, glad to hear that you think it is louder AND volumecare works.
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    Can anyone else who has the 700p comment on how loud the earpiece volume is?
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    I'm finding it's much louder than the 650. I just disabled volumecare for bit and may not go back to it. Still, if you need a boost, volumecare will still work for you.
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    it does seem slightly louder, however i still use VC for complete controll over all apps.
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