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    I am thinking about moving back from WM5 to Treo 700P because Chatter has push (the only reason I stay with WM). I am using a sync service called What is nice is when I reply or send an email, my reply to address is listed as instead of What services can I do this with if I go with Chatter? Or does Chatter do this itself? Thanks.
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    Yes when you configure SMTP (out going email) you enter Return Address and if you want also specify the Reply to Address. I only use the Reply Address and it works well with my Fastmail account.
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    Right. It depends on the server you're using. Many, like,, and, will allow you to use any return address you wish. Others require that you use your true email address.

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    Hey, Marc! I have just done some playing and it didn't work. What I did was to create another "mailbox" for fastmail, same names, account number, and so on. That means two mailbox accounts on the Treo with the same names, passwords, et cetera. Anyway, the only difference between the 2 are in the "return to email addresses." It seems like ChatterEmail does not support two IMAP mail boxes to the same IMAP server and to the same user - it crashes something fierce.

    After deleting the mail boxes on the SD card, all of Chatter that I could find on the device, I did a selective restore of ChatterEmail from last night's backup and all is well.

    One question though, where does ChatterEmail store "treo sent" emails? I deleted all I could find on the SD card related to Chatter and , then they just gotta be in main memory and if that is a case, can it be changed to live on the SD card.

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