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    I've run into a strange problem. Just bought a new laptop from Dell with an Intel Pro Wireless ABG card which works just great on my wireless network. However, whenever the wireless network connection is on, it wakes my Treo 600 screen every 2 minutes. So my Treo screen flashes on and then goes back to sleep and then flashes on, ad infinitum. This cuts my battery time in half not to mention driving me crazy.

    Any suggestions for a fix would be greatly appreciated.
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    Can you change the channel the wireless runs on? That may have an effect, but I have never heard of this problem before.
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    Get a new laptop
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    Thanks, stroths! While I was trying to figure out how to change the channel on my wireless, I found out that Windows XP was running the wireless card. I downloaded the Intel Wireless Pro manual and found that the Intel software should be running the hardware. Figured out how to switch it over and the problem is solved. I never did figure out how to manually change the channel on wireless, but the Intel software seems to know how. Enjoy!
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    Glad I could be of some help. I believe you change the channel through the Windows device manager. If you go to the properties for the device, I believe one of the tabs contains the channel.
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    Yes, I tried that, but it only changes the ad-hoc network channel for wireless connections between computers, not for internet wireless. I tried that but it had no effect on channel for wireless broadband. Go figure...
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    Quote Originally Posted by realitycheck
    Go figure...
    You would change channel through the router setup page in your browser. Your broadband connection is determined by the router. Example, if you set up security from the router, and didnt do the same from your laptop, you wouldnt be able to login
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    Thanks clairegrrl! I didn't think of hitting the browser setup for my router since the router being on doesn't affect my phone - just when the computer is on and connected. I'll check that out.

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