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    Hey guys, I have a Xm radio that I have ran into my aux adapter on my headunit. I also just purchased a Seidio 4100m cradle for my Treo phone. I have installed RCA type "Y" adapters into the aux box. This allows me to have both of them hooked up at the same time by creating two inputs. My problem is interference. When my speakerphone cradle is hooked up, the xm sound is very weak. When I unplug the connection (audio connection) on the Seidio kit, the xm sound is back to perfect. This happens vice versa as well (Cradle sounds great, when the audio connecter is pulled out of the XM).

    Is there an on/off relay or a better way to hook both of these up? I was thinking about having two headphone plugs going to the aux input, then converting it to RCA connectors, mabey that will help...I doubt it. I need to find a switch that kills the audio signal, so I dont have to worry about plugging and ugplugging while driving.

    Any help would be great!


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    I would suggest checking out a local radio shack or other audio store and see if they have a small A/B switch with rca hookups. My guess is that your changing the impedance on the input line of the aux adapter and it's trying to compensate by turning down the gain.
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