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    had my phone for about a month or so now and had my first screen cracked! is the treo screen that fragile?? i had just dropped it or i say slipped outta my hands and fell from about a foot (at most a foot maybe less) off the floor~ so it didnt drop so far... and the screens cracked??? seems really weak... was this or is this a problem that any of u guys have?? its just soo ARGH!!! it fell so close to the floor!! maybe.... i had a defect?? wellz... hopefully i had insurance
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    There have been many stories from people who have dropped there treo multiple times without damage. Of course, a few like you, were unlucky and for some reason, the screen cracked. It just depends on the angle of the hit and the surface and the distance dropped. I think most here would agree that the 650 is pretty durable.

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