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    This was posted in a different thread (kinda buried).

    "Go with Palm unbranded unlocked Treo 650 directly from Palm. I use mine with T-Mobile. I had to get a replacement because the audio socket broke. The first thing they ask is where and when did you buy it. If you get it from eBay there is no warrenty!"

    Is this true? Does Palm refuse to honor any warranties for even new phones off of ebay? If it is true, is there a way to say you got the phone that will keep a warranty? I'm talking about an unbranded, unlocked GSM that I plan on using with t-mobile.
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    No warantee from ebay sales. Only direct to consumer sales (from Palm) or sales from carriers (like Verizon, Sprint, etc) who has official business partnership with Palm are provided with warrantee.

    I learned this one the hard way on my older Treo.
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    Not true. I've done a Treo 650 warranty replacement, which I got from ebay. I didn't tell them that, of course hahah...
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    Mine came from ebay
    Palm will not honor my warranty, becuase mine was Cingular, unlocked by the seller. Cingular has a contract with Palm that cingular has the warranty. An unlock voids this warranty, according to the Palm rep I spoke to. My loss.
    I did however get the "fair trade" warranty throught ebay when I bought the phone. This does not kick in until 90 after purchase.
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    If you're with Sprint, don't tell them you got it on eBay. Also, some credit card companies can give you a warranty or insurance on your purchases.
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    So, Crunch Dude, what did you tell them? Do they have a way of tracking if you did buy it from them? I'm talking unbranded...

    The seller on ebay didn't offer a warranty. CAn I buy one from ebay after the fact? Guy did say factory warranty until Jan 2007, box it came in has a label with a Jan 2006 date.

    Really sorry for the basic questions! I'm a worrier, should have just bought it staright from Palm.

    This formun is addictive. I keep learning new things, some good, some bad.
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    I just told them that I got it from a local store and they processed the warranty without any issues. And mine was also Cingular branded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchDude
    Not true. I've done a Treo 650 warranty replacement, which I got from ebay. I didn't tell them that, of course hahah...
    Of course, don't tell, don't ask policy applies.
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    I think it is hit or miss. I had a co-worker buy a 600 off ebay and have it replaced under Palm warranty AFTER telling Palm that he bought it off ebay.

    I guess it depends on who answers the phone over there...
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    Oh wow... really?

    I bought my t650 on ebay... LESS than a month after purchase... I contacted Palm and they would not do anything...

    I *dreaded* called Cingular... warranty replacement dep't (or something similar)... they never asked WHERE i bought it but ONLY WHEN I bought it... and sure enough I was sent a replacement... =)

    but... it could've not worked out? =/
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