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    I missed out on the 1GB card. I would have like to have got it. I already have a 2GB, so it was not that big of deal.
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    Placed my order at 6:24 am on Monday, and recived shipping confirmaiton about 45 mintues ago.
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    I placed my order around 10am on Monday. No email yet... nothing changed on their website, no card charged... nothing.
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    Order Date:
    5/22/2006 02:10:51 AM

    (got my shipping conf)
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    it's shipped for me too!! Ordered Monday 10 am CA time. Shipping email came 45 minutes ago.
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    I'm gonna assume that since I got my confirmation email about 3 hours after the first person that I'll probably get my shipment email 3 hours after the first person.
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    Ordered mine on 5/22 at 1:50 AM ET, and reveived email that it shipped at 1:40 AM ET. Ordered at normal price of $649.
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    Item: 2807627
    Description: PALM Sprint Treo700p
    Quantity: 1 @ $ 549.00
    Status: Shipped via: UPS - UPS One Day

    Subject: Ship Confirmation for Order 06XX22-499XXX
    Date: 5/26/2006 10:45:47 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
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    Order Date: 5/21/2006 11:53 PM
    Ship Email : 5/26/2006 10:44 pm
    Sprint $649
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    5/24/2006 08:49:13 PM Order Date
    5/26/2006 06:43:00 PM Confirmation Date
    5/26/2006 10:43:00 PM Ship Date

    I waited until the 24th to order from Palm because I thought Sprint stores would get them first, then I realized Sprint had their heads up their asses so I went ahead and ordered from Palm. I guess I lucked out and managed to ship out today, hoping for Saturday delivery, but expecting Tuesday
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    Booo. I still haven't received a shipment email. I did use the developer's discount, but I've been a registered developer for over a year.
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    just got the email tuesday it is
    Jimmie Geddes
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    islndboi, dont worry. i am confident you will get it.

    -we ordered at the same time i think

    i used the discount as well...
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    Hmmm... No email yet.

    I wonder how late / early Palm will be sending these emails...
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    Just called Palm (surprised that they still have ppl. working at this hour). I asked if my order shipped already as a number of people who placed their orders after me have already received tracking numbers for their shipment.

    He told me that he had no idea why that is. Then he told me that it's my bank's fault for not authorizing the purchase quickly enough. (I used my Bank of America Platinum Visa Check Card btw)

    I thought that pre-authorization that shows up on my cc company's site would be enough as it shows Palm that I have a valid card and enough money on my card for the purchase. This blows. Now I have to wait until Wednesday to get my 700P. My vacation ends on Tuesday too.
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    Well, called them again and this agent also said that anyone who says they've received a tracking number already is probably just "pulling my leg", to put it politely, and that all of the Palm CS agents received a notice that none of the 700Ps are shipping until Tuesday.
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    ok, well...

    Here is my story. Just got off the phone with Palm, asking if they had a tracking number for me. The gentleman told me my order is in the shipping stage (but missed the UPS picked up time).

    So it will not go out till Tuesday... so I dont think I will have until Wednesday. (he said maybe even Thursday as well)
    ..o well, this sucks

    *oddly he told me I placed my order on the 26th (Friday), when actually I placed the order on the 22nd. Palm's Inventory system needs work...
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    If it goes out on Tuesday you will get it on Wednesday (assuming they don't miss the pickup time on Tuesday), since we did get overnight shipping on our orders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    I placed an order around 10:30PM last Sunday and cancelled that to add the 1GB card to my order. My current order was placed around 5:20AM on Monday. No shipping email yet.

    My times are PST.

    Couldn't sleep (2 hours ago checked and still showed "Received") at 4:00 it shows shipped. Now I have to call to add on the 1 gig card!

    Super cool, Tuesday is or Wed is the day But ATM balance does not reflect the deduction of the 549

    Just checked the order status (1st page and show shipped) click on view order inside the box it shows ordered received and at the top it shows shipped!
    Strange, I guess this means Wed unless unless Palm arranged with UPS to pickup on Sat because of the large volume of 700p's going out. Like I said my atm card was not charged yet!
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    Right now, all I have is the order processing email. My credit card has the pre-authorization charge. My online order status still shows as "Order Received". What's going on with their system...
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