View Poll Results: Would you buy a thin, silicon skin that covers all the keys / buttons on the front?

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  • I want and need one.

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  • I don't care if my keyboard and 5-way get worn out and very dirty.

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    I posted this in the accessories forum, but think that Seidio would get a better idea from a poll in this forum since it seems to be the most active forum on TC.


    Seidio, a couple of months back we had a discussion here on TC requesting your company produce thin, silicon covers / skins for the Treo 650's keyboard + the 5-way navigator and all the other buttons on the front of the Treo 650. At the time, you said that it would cost too much to "retool" your machines or something like that. You also said that you would be making something like this for the next Treo.

    Well, the Treo 700P is out now and so it's time for you to get us these thin, silicon covers for the Treo 700P's keyboard + all the other buttons on the front of the unit (5-way navigator, send button, power/end button, phone, calendar, messaging, and applications buttons):

    Remember, it doesn't have to be a full body skin, just a skin for all the keys / buttons on the front. This would be a great thing to release especially since many, many Treo cases have open fronts.
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    Wow, I guess there aren't too many people obsessed with keeping their Treos in excellent condition.
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    If you had it covering all the keys i can see it getting very dirty (the case that is) and tears etc making the treo look very cheap. Also i could imagine that it would be quite a lot harder to type with it on.
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    ZCovers has a Treo 650 skin that covers the entire keyboard. The part that covers the keyboard keys is molded to the shape of the keys and people have commented that typing is just as easy with the ZCover on as it is without it. Also, I'd rather get a skin dirty and nasty looking than my 700P's keyboard and keys.
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