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    I'm one of those 650 users who loved Chattermail until two 650s bit the dust and Chattermail was the only reason I could find. (There are several old threads on this and I'm not the only one with this experience, although I am indeed a fan of Chattermail otherwise.) I know that Chattermail has been updated since then. I'd be interested in seeing posts from people who install the new Chattermail on the 700p and either have no problem or have some problem.

    (Dutch Trumpet, I looked for a thread on this and didn't find one, so there.)
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    If you do a search, you'll find it mentioned in a couple of threads. I used it with no problems.
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    Marc has had a 700P for awhile and reports it runs fine as do the users. Only thing I've seen reported is possible inconsistincy with LED notifications.

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