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    just got an email saying that mine has shipped. This is the 2nd email I got from Palm today. It's says 1 day UPS, but that pretty much means it won't be here til Tuesday. Oh well, At least I have some reason to look forward to going into work on Tuesday haha.
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    I used the developer discount on my treo, i did sign up that day for palms developer site, but i was a member of palmsource before this. I havn't recieved any emails, but talked to palm cust service and every was fine with my order and should expect my treo tues or wed. I orderd mine 5/22 at 12 ish EDT.
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    MY theory is that the shipping is varying from one person to the next due to what was ordered at the time. I have the 600 from practically the day it went on sale (no problems with my 600 EXCEPT it stopped vibrating one time, but this thread showed me how to fix it) and I'm after this puppy now...

    Well, FROM day 1 I always wished I had a pen stylus, just never got around to getting one. They offered some for the 700, so I bit... I got a pack of those. I think THAT is what is holding my order up. I did use the developer discount, but I also signed up early that morning for it... 6:57 a.m. central time.

    I am guessing that the ones who simply order phones will get their orders really quickly, those who ordered extras must have their order pass a couple of spots and thereby may take a little bit longer to be shipped. I don't know, but I'm just throwing this out there hoping that the developer thing didn't hose my order.

    Even so, I am sorta pissed that I didn't know about the SD card offer and the ability to have that thing combined with the order at the time. Regardless, I can't wait to get this thing, and I hope it pairs nicely with my Acura TL I've been waiting for this phone for over three months since just before I got my car when I noticed that the credible rumors were out for this device!!!
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    Keep in mind that 1gb SD cards are cheap now if you find a bargain. Fry's had them for $15 after a $15 rebate last week. Free is better, but the SD are getting cheap.

    In fact, has one for for cheap.

    1GB 40x Ultra SD Card - $9 plus shipping after $30 rebate
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    I got en email from Palm around 1:45 am telling me my order shipped. This is what the order status shows.
    Order Date:
    5/22/2006 04:10:06 AM Order Status:

    Order Subtotal:
    Tax: $0.00 +
    Shipping: $0.00 +

    Order Total: $549.00
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I'm jealous! I haven't received any e-mails since my automated "Order Received" confirmation on Monday the 22nd. My order was placed around 8:00am PST.

    I've called Palm several times and no one seems to have a clue about why my order is not being processed yet.

    Frustrating, to say the least!
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    Shipping notice received at 1:44am EDT. Says it was shipped via UPS, but there is no tracking number in the email, nor is there tracking information on the Palm website.


    Ordered Received: 5/22 at 5:18pm EDT
    Order Processing: 5/26 at 5:59pm EDT
    Order Shipped: 5/27 at 1:44am EDT
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    Your shipment includes the following item(s):

    Item: 2807627
    Description: PALM Sprint Treo700p
    Quantity: 1 @ $ 549.00
    Status: Shipped via: UPS - UPS One Day
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Just called Palm and they gave my my UPS tracking number, I'll get my order on the next business day, Tuesday.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I am a recent signup. I AM working on a solution for Treo, albeit web based.

    However, I got a conf. email just now.
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    Perhaps my stylus pen did not hold up my order after all? E-mail rcv'd @ 8:23 a.m. central time...

    Shipped :)
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    Got my tracking #, too, by phone. Info not trackable yet. It'd be a nice surprise to get this thing today, but obviously that is not likely.
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    Yeah forget about today,lol. The rep from Palm told me it shipped this morning and gave me my tracking number, it's still not showing in UPS yet. Palm said it could take a few hours, and I'd receive it Tuesday.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Still no email for me...
    Treo (Palm Version) lover

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    Same here on the "Shipped" email; came around 5:45am. My card was definitely charged as well. I'm actually glad that it's coming via UPS. This way, if I miss it (which may happen on Tuesday since I'm out on that day), I can pick it up locally at the station the same day when the driver arrives back, or at least by Wed morning if I tell them to hold. For Fedex, I'd be screwed. Their station is way too far to make it worth it to drive there.
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    I doubt any of the developer orders that were placed on Monday are even being questioned. It seems to me that everyone including myself is getting emails saying their orders shipped. I personally signed up for a new developer's account early Monday morning around 3:00 AM PST and placed the order.

    Now before everyone jumps down my throat about abusing the system. I created my first developer's account back when I first got my T600. I had used it occasionally in the past. I couldn't remember any of the login info so I created a new account Monday morning. I consider myself a developer albeit not a very good Palm developer but I have created solutions for PCs and tried my hand at Palm solutions.

    So there

    I don't know how early you had to use this but apparently Monday was okay.
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    Just curious. Have any of you guys ordered a Verizion 700p? I feel like I'm the only one. How sad.

    If anybody did order a vz phone, those aren't expected to ship until late next week.
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    well guess what
    AT 09:24 WWW.PALMONE.COM 800-881-7256 P $ 549.00
    Treoing & Loving it
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    This thread is COMPLETELY false. As some have already said. I just got my confirmatioin email and am waiting shipment. Also, my available balance has gone down. Got it at 549.00
    Treo (Palm Version) lover

    Motorola v400 --> Sidekick ll --> Treo 650 --> PPC 6700 --> Sprint Treo 700P --> Blackberry 8700g --> Blackberry 8300 --> Blackberry 8320 --> Sprint Mogul --> **What's Next?**
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    Jimmie, can I ask you how you were able to buy the 700p for $549, when I have to pay $649? Is it new service?


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