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    i switched from Tmboile Internet to TZones, but changed proxy server so i could pay less, but still get unlimited data. However, since I did that I can't get use Toccer (IM). Anyone know what I should do?
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    Go to edit profiles and change the port to 110. That port works behind the blocked T-Zones plan You don't even need a proxy.

    I assisted my coworker with getting his T-Mobile hooked up with the blocked method, so I've seen this work.
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    works great, thanks!!
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    Edit profile? Where is that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by colekman View Post
    Edit profile? Where is that?
    1. Open Toccer
    2. Press the menu button
    3. Select Edit Profiles under Prefs
    4. With your profile name selected, click Edit
    5. Change the value in "TOC Port" to 110

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