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    Ok so the 700P has PTunes in ROM and it's the standard version. So has Palm done anything special to it? Like added additional customized functions to it just for the 700P? Just curious because I'd like to take it out and put the Deluxe Version in ROM. Or just install it in RAM instead of keeping it in ROM. I don't like having regularly updated apps. in ROM.

    Same questions apply to Documents To Go. Is it the Premium Edition? Any customizations by Palm / Sprint / Verizon?
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    The PTunes app in ROM is a bit watered down from the low-end commercial version. It doesn't allow skins or EQ. But it seems to work the same way. When I installed my paid version it hid the ROM version.

    I sent in my defective Vz 700P for replacement, so I can't fully answer your question about DTG. But I believe it's a version that can handle all the different formats.
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    So when you installed PTunes Deluxe, it hid the ROM version in the standard Palm launcher? Did you have ZLauncher installed and if so, was the ROM version hidden in ZLauncher?

    Documents to Go and PTunes are updated alot and I'd like to take them out of ROM because of that.

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