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    Wanted to see how many people are paying the full price for the phone? I've seen it on EBAy for $900.00. How many are breaking contracts? How many are waiting till it drops in price? If it ever does.
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    549-150, then -150 for trade= a decent deal for a nice treo on Sprint. That is if I ever get it in my hands.
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    I'm on the Sero plan and am waiting to see if they put it on there. I've got 14 days until I will be forced to pay full price $549-649.
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    $649 - $100 (Developer's Discount) - $460 (sold my Sprint 650 on eBay)
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    $549 (developer's discount) - $150 to trade my 650 into Palm. So $399 for me. I could also get the $75 rebate from Sprint, but would rather wait until I can get $150.
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    This is how I see my purchase:
    $649 Price of 700p
    -100 Developer discount
    -100 Courtesy service credit (give to me by retention dept, spread over next two bills)
    -100 Audible subscription (I am already a month-to-month audible person, now I get $100 back for the next year of service, a service I am using anyway)
    -150 Palm 650 trade in with palm
    $199 My cost
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    $687 from with PA sales tax included
    -100 Developer Discount
    -250 Service Credit compliments of retention department (took several calls to negotiate that one)
    -150 trade in program

    =$187 (very satisfied)
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    581 (price from palm W/tax) - 100 (palm discount) - 150 (sprint svc credit) - 255 (what my 650 fetchED on ebay)= $76 that's pretty descent I think
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    - Paid the full price of $649
    - Sold my Treo 650 to a friend for $200

    $449 (yeah, I got one expensive 700p compared to others)
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    I have talked to at least 10 sprint representatives or store employees this week. I knew their pricing, their plans, their incentives before I even called Sprint or went to their stores and concluded that the company representaives, online, in store or on any of their retention, customer care, sales dept are clueless or liars. Became so frustrated I decided to keep the TREO 650 and cut back my minutes to 200. Extended my contract and got $50 bucks in service credits. This makes my bill going forward $29.99 for 200 minutes and unlimited nights and weekends, $10 for unlimited pcs vision with unlimited picture mail and unlimiuted text messaging (grandfathered from 2001) and $6 for insurance. After a corporate discount of 23%, I will be paying about $37 bucks a month tax included for everything I need and still be able to use PDANet. Sure it would have been nice to have EVDO, and maybe the TV but it wasn't worth a bill that would have been $25-$30/month higher plus the outlay for the phone. A litlle jealous of you 700p people but I'll get over it. Besides, there is nothing that won't allow me to switch if I change my mind. That will probably be the 28th if the phones make it to the store. I'm pathetic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    581 (price from palm W/tax) - 100 (palm discount) - 150 (sprint svc credit) - 255 (what my 650 fetchED on ebay)= $76 that's pretty descent I think

    What can one get today for the Treo 650 on ebay in execellant condition?
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    on sprint, out of contract. retention offer I got seems to be standard: $300.
    650- 150 2 year, - $100 standard credit on all 700p resign up - 100 second service credit. Initial offer from retention was 650-150-150.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetpro
    This is how I see my purchase:
    $649 Price of 700p
    -100 Developer discount
    -150 Palm 650 trade in with palm
    What?! When I called Palm, they said you couldn't combine the $100 developer discount with the $-150 trade-in program! I wonder what gives...
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    Well, if it ships...

    $549 with 1gb card
    -$150 return 650 to palm
    = $399 ...ok I guess

    650's are only getting about $200 on Ebay right now, unless you have a lot of acc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morningstar1844
    What can one get today for the Treo 650 on ebay in execellant condition?
    Do a search on eBay for completed sales. This will give you a good indicator on what you should expect.
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    $649 (Signed up with Sprint as a SERO customer with a crap phone hoping to swap ESNs with the Palm Store 700P order)
    - $325 (March 2006 extended manufacturer's warranty claim from credit card company for a then slightly flawed now actually broken Treo 600)
    = $324

    If I didn't get that claim processed I wouldn't have ordered a 700P. With that said, I feel like the $325 was mine and I got a crappy price. SERO better be worth it.
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    $549 (developer's discount) - $530 (Returned Treo 650 bought 30 days ago) = $19
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    zippo, zero, zilch....I've been *****ing to Sprint and documenting it all about the i500, their lack of support of it and the problems they've never addressed. They told me they'd upgrade me for free. Helps that I'm on a business account for my company, and I call in as the owner and threaten to leave all the time too...haha.
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    I have a Sprint Treo 600 and am out of contract. Yesterday I was offered $100 in addition to my $150 contract renewal towards the price of the Treo 700. I would have a $8/month increase from my 500 min/plus data plan which runs me $44/mo after my 23% hospital discount. So the total would be $399. They did not "officially" have the phone until the 28th according to the rep I spoke with. So I have to wait unti the 28th.

    Do you think I can get more off the phone or do I even bring up the Sero plan? Would I need a sprint email address if I am talking to a rep or do they just take it at face value since they are trying to keep your business.

    I really would like to get the Sero plan. Then the $399 for the phone would not be so painful.
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    Paying dearly this morning. Only got 3 hours sleep.
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