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    Same story here... I called two different times and both times the reps said that they could see the phone on the website, but they could NOT order it yet, as it wasn't showing in their system yet... The second lady I talked to was real nice and told me to call the stores and if I didn't have luck there to just call back tomorrow & repeat if necessary.

    I'm an existing Sprint customer (w/25% IBM discount), but my contract has been expired for some time now (so I'll get a $150 credit for a 2-year agreement), so I was hoping for at least a $399 deal. But this worked out even better for me b/c the first guy I talked to gave me a $50 service credit even though he couldn't order the phone. But the second CS rep was super knowledgeable and she said that even though it wasn't in her system yet she KNOWS that all IBMers get an ADDITIONAL $160 credit off smartphones. I've noticed this on the IBM portal of the Sprint site, although the 700p is not on there as of yet. Now, although she could not actually order the phone for me today, she did put the $160 credit on there for when I do order it (either through Telesales or at the Sprint Store or where-ever). This will put my total at $319 (679 - 160 -50 - 150) which is far better than I hoped for.

    As a side note, I asked her about me upgrading my wife's phone to a Samsung A900 and she said that would also qualify for the additional $160 IBM Smartphone credit! Whahoo... With the $150 credit for 2-year agreement this will put the A900 at $39.99.

    Oh well, now alls I need is to find the dang phone!

    FYI if you are out of contract the standard retention offer wihtout sying anything at all is $400. that is a simple price match of new account price on handsets of business or consumer price whichever is lower. this has ALWAYS been the case with sprint.

    Fact is that if you have been paying your bills $350 is easy to get as your final price just by asking. over at sprintusers and elsewhere users are reporting a standard rentetion offer of $350 net on request for a lower price. (mine are $300 each, but I am getting two so I made it a focused point)

    standard retention for powervision with little effort is $10 (15 minus a five dollar recurring credit and 2.50 on subsiquent lines on your account (7.50 mnus a fiver dollar credit). you should also vbe able to score fimf, mbm and of course nights at 7 (which is now included in most ff but not all fc plans).

    If you are out of contract call retention. 700p phone at net $350, no activation charge, pv for $7.50, mbm free are EASY.

    If you already have a 25% business discount it is not easy to get the 25% loyalty discount, but you might in the end after getting everything else say; "dont I qualify for 10% loyalty or nights at 6free?"
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    so if i already have lines of service and am looking to just get the 700p on one of my lines, what should i say to retention, im in contract, not close to being out. I guess what i got going for me is 3 lines and a bills over $100 monthly.
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    I called * 2 line. mentioned "cancel" at the voice prompts which transferred me to the retention department. I explained I wanted to cancel and go to verizon. they asked why and I explained that the phone was too expensive and that I was getting a better deal @ verizon.

    bottom line $299 for the treo 700 p, unlimited nights & weekends, free sprint vision +, free pcs to pcs, 20% off my bill the list goes on and on.

    retention department it works. also make sure to take advantage of the deal they offer right away don't call back because they will say the offer is not valid anymore.
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    i paid about $325 for mine
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    I forgot to mention sprint stores are also doing buy backs on your old phones (just needs to power up). bring your phone(s) into the store and they will tell you how much they will buck it back for (service credit). no limit from what they told me.
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    what? foreal?? since when? wow thanks man thats tight!
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    Final update:

    I got my this way:
    -$100 Developer Discount
    -$100 Palm new mobile phone plan

    Shipped for $449

    -$220 Sold 650 on Ebay
    -$250 Sprint credit


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    Paid $100 flat for the treo. No rebates. No selling.
    This was done through Sprint.
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