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    Using blazer, I went to this site (someone was kind enough to list it above) in the search I typed in wfan and there it was. The game is streamed almost live, it was a minute or 2 behind the televised game.
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    I thought for some reason that WFAN wasn't supposed to broadcast Met games over the internet...
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    How about Yankee games? I know that the stream for WCBS is actually news even during the game. Any other way of doing it on the 700P?

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    Hanuman, where are you? I'm waiting for your answer.
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    i listen to the wfan on my 700 all the time but when the met game starts it starts streaming imus repeats one time i was able to get to the 2nd inning then lost it if anyone is able to stream please post how u do it.

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    MLB has this content pretty locked down. We will probably just have to wait until the MLB GameDay Audio is release for mobile devices. This is currently on

    Gameday Audio: Listen to Live Games
    The only way to listen to every game live on your mobile phone.

    Only $5.99 a month. Standard carrier messaging fees may apply.
    Coming soon. Check back for details.
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    I sent an email over to this site to see if there was a product in the works for the Treo700P.

    Below is the response.

    Does the streaming media capability now built into the Treo 700P through
    Kinoma allow you to develop a Palm OS version for the Treo700P?

    Good question -- I don't know. I doubt it, since it specifically has to
    be Windows Media. If you can get it to play Windows Media content (go to for plenty), please let me know.

    Thanks for your interest in LBB.

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    Saw a vid clip in my elevator this morning that says Sprint to launch MLB GameDay audio on mobile devices. Looks like mid-August. Wonder if it will work on Treo 700p?
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    Saw this on this morning.
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    Yeah but still "coming soon" according to MLB
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    i have a gameday audio subscription because i'm stuck in Utah and Comcast won't carry FSN SouthWest which airs the majority of the Astros Games. i'm going to try to get the game streaming tonight on my phone and i'll post my results. I have a 650 on Verizon by the way.
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    I tuned into the met game yesterday on wfan stream and it was about a 2minute delay as mentioned above in the past wfan put on old imus replays during the game hope this continues.
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    Anyone know how to access the games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanuman
    the stream center worked for me! I was able to shoutcast WFAN and listen to the Mets kick Phillies butts! I love the 700P more and more!
    I thought the FAN blocked out mets games... how did you hear them?
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    Strange went back yesterday and i had replay of imus what a downer that was

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    Anyone figure out yet which phones are supported by the new Sprint-MLB GameDay Audio application? Also, has anyone figured out how to access it?
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    i'm listening to the astros game as we speak on my phone in utah (digital cable doesn't even carry them here)

    what i had to do was set my desktop computer at home up as a shoutcast server.

    when i installed the plugin i set it to broadcast everything that comes in to my line in port on my sound card. then i ran a cable from the headphone jack on my speakers to my Line In Port.

    then i started up shoutcast server, then winamp. then i had to start up gameday audio on that computer. turned up the volume on the Line in Jack and now i'm broadcasting the game (again about 2 minutes behind live) via shoutcast

    then i just type in the ip address of my computer (don't forget to open a port on the firewall) as my shoutcast server in ptunes and i've got my 'stros.

    i know it's kinda a pain, but it's the best i have so far. lucky for me i have PalmVNC set up on my phone to go in and set it all up every game if i happen to not be at home.

    only other benefit i guess is that when there's not a game on i set up playlists in winamp and i have a shoutcast stream where i like all the songs.
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    "If you navigate on over to your Sprint home page (on your phone), then to sports, then to, you'll see a link that says, "Listen Live". You then have the option of purchasing this for 5.99 a month. I didn't buy it, but if someone else takes the plunge, let the rest of us know how the quality is."

    I went to the wap site from the Sprint home page on my phone and do not see the "Listen Live" link. It must not support the treo (just like the new NFL app). Damn, what good is this new "multimedia" device if all of these new multimedia features aren't supported...
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    Can anyone get the "Listen Live" link to show up from mlb site (from the Sprint Wap Home Page) using Opera?
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    dsulls from provided the direct link to the GameDay Live app
    Quote Originally Posted by dsulls

    However, as suspected, it doesn't work on the Treo 700p. After clicking the Buy Now link I get: "Gameday Audio not available on this device." Bummer.
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