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    whats a good back up program to back up all apps and etc... and does all of them back up the serial codes for the programs that i currently have?? so i dont have to enter it again after restoring it?? just asking because i droped my phone literaly a foot off the floor and the screen cracked and the insurance phone is coming soon hehe at least no more scraches.. hehe .... thank u!
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    Check out Resco Backup or Resco Explorer, or BackupBuddy. Go to the TreoCentral shop, they should have them or Handango I think should...
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    I use Resco Backup and like it. I've restored individual apps (after manually deleting them) using it and did not need to re-enter the registration code. BUT -

    I did have to re-enter all the registration codes when I did a hard reset. So I'm not sure how the registration data is stored and if it gets backed up.

    You may have to re-enter that data if you restore to a new phone.

    Which is why I have all of my Palm app registration confirmation emails stored in their own folder in Outlook. It saved a lot of time searching for the info.
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    actually, I forgot about PrefDoctor!!!! It saves all preferences and has saved me quite a few times... Even after a reset it will make sure prefs are restored... I think PrefDoctor and Resco Backup is a very solid way to go. There's also OnGuard Backup that works on a program by program basis and comes with the Uninstall Manager set... That's also a good idea...
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    i like backup buddy.
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    nvbackup & its free
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    I've used BackupMan for years now. I've never had to re-enter ANYTHING after restoring after a hard reset. It just brings my 650 back to the exact state it was in when backed up.
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    resco backup... it backs up my phone every night automatically.

    you can restore savedpreferences and unsaved preferences to get back you programs serial #s
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    I also use BackupManager to backup nightly to the SD card and BackupBuddy to sync to the laptop - I use the release that lets you also backup the card. Ben
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    The improved NVBackup is free and getting close to perfection, Inner Backup is free too...
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    thanks all of u guys!!!! great help!

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