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    Hi Guys,

    Spent time this morning reading about you guys that have already got your Sprint (and Verizon) 700p. So I called every store within 15 miles of me (San Jose/Los Gatos) and i got a different story from every store. One said they were expecting their shipment Tuesday. Another said June 10 and one even said the end of June if they were lucky.

    Anyone have thoughts where I can buy one on-site today???
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    come... on...... someone must know. my day is done and the truck is full of gas...
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    i am only about 4 miles from Palm HQ.... i am ready to just go over there and demand one!!!! the wait is killing me and the 650 is dying.
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    Yeah, I get the same story from every Sprint store around the Bay. I don't think you can get one in your hands today around here. Gotta wait next week.
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    There is a palm store in Palo Alto...
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    There's also a Palm store at Westfield Valley Fair mall, if you wanna check.
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    Valley fair has to have the 700 in stock!
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    I live about 2 blocks from valley fair. i was thinking they just had the kiosk display thing. i am definitely gonna go over there tomorrow.
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    Yep...been lookin in San Jose For one...Damm Waiting
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    Tha Palm store at Valley Fair mall has them in stock now. I just called a few minutes ago.
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    I got mine from the Valley Fair Palm store this evening.....WEEEEEE! Sprint stalled when I went to provision it though and played dumb. They told me to call back on a land line to do the provisioning...OF COURSE they had convieniently closed for the day 30 seconds later when I tried to call back.
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    Huh. Got mine at the Palm store in Palo Alto...Sprint provisioning said it wasn't in his system, talked to his manager, and did it anyway. I'm writing this on the 700p...

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