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    Well curiousity got the cat, and this morning I grabbed the ROMTool 1.0 and started messing with my current ROM (ENA 1.20 + FAT32 + PowerRUN, minus RealPlayer and Tutorial).

    So far I have stripped out all the original VersaMail components and transplanted all of the .prcs from the VersaMail install included with BB Connect. Unfortunately it is not easy to tell which new VM .prcs have to be located in RAM, so it's basically line by line, delete something from RAM and see if it is still able to function with a replacement file located in ROM.

    I will post a full list of transplanted .prcs once I'm finished.
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    Thanks Chris, looking forward to your post.
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    Now does anyone know how we go about getting the free express server that blackberry offers? When you go to sign up they ask for your blackberry's pin number.....
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    I had to bail out on the ROM project; too many of the BBC .prcs have to remain in RAM in order for it to operate properly. The RAM savings were not really justified in light of the fact that you would have to reinstall the whole application anyway in order to re-provision the device.

    In the end I opted to remove all traces of VersaMail from my existing ROM, since the whole application gets reinstalled by BBC. BBC itself and its VersaMail update were left in RAM.

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