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    Has anyone found a copy of the Internal Revenue Tax Code that is for the Palm OS?

    Yes, I'll admit it. I'm a CPA and would love to be able to look up tax codes on my Treo.

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    Should be available as a PDF...just convert the PDF with Adobe for Palm or use PalmPDF
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    As a tax attorney, I am well aware that there is no simple storage solution for the Treo. [The Internal Revenue Code contains more than 3 million words. Printed 60 lines to the page, it would fill more than 7500 letter-size pages.]

    I have the follwoing links bookmarked in Blazer. I swear by this site for "on the fly referrence." (Of course, it is wise to always check and make usure that the Code hasn't been updated later).

    List of Section number only - Great for easilty keying in on a Section.

    Search feature - I rearely use this but it's nice to know it's there

    Table of Contents Page - Useful for refressing yourself on the format of the Code

    Subchapter K - Since I frequest this with some regualtiry, I bookmarked it on a standalone basis (from the TOC Page)

    Cornell also has a useful site.

    I haven't found a good way to find regs. If you find one, would you please let me know.
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    you are able to view the whole page in browser? i keep getting a "page is too large to display" error and then my treo reboots
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    I usually hit the "x" to stop downloading one a fair amount fo the page is listed since there is no need for all the images and stuff to load.

    If that doesn't work, take out the battery (ie, easy soft reset) and then try the link once you treo's up and running. The soft reset will clear some garbage from the treo's virtual cache.

    Hope this works.

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