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    I love my Treo and Audio Gateway, but since Audio Gateway doesn't support the standard bluetooth protocol for phone calls, I'm forced to tote my jensen wbt212 headphones around.

    Since it doesn't seem like softick doesn't seem to be adding the option to use the regular bluetooth handsfree profile to its support (so I can use my regular bluetooth handsfree to listen to music / streaming radio) my next question is:

    Is there a bluetooth headset / earbud whatever that also supports a2dp?

    I don't care that it'd only be one ear, but in business situations it would be perfect to be listening to my mp3s when it only looks like I have an Ear bud on my one ear....
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    bump, anyone?
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    Recently I've had some luck getting SAG 1.06 to work better for call handling. You could you try out the procedure I've posted in another thread. It's not what you asked for, but maybe it'll help.

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