Following my re-installing of ROM 1.2 upgrade ( I could not get the web browser to work) I now can not sync.

I read a few threads and downloaded the latest version of the palm desktop and installed it.

Then on the sync button - it says "no user specified - do you want to create a new one or select from the list below~" I select my user name and it starts to sync and falls over within a few seconds with the following error file.....

any ideas

PalmUpdate05 - QueryOk (Set verbose loging)
PalmUpdate05 - QueryOk (Set loopback ready write)
PalmUpdate05 - QueryOk (Set debug no forty second timeout)
PalmUpdate05 - BroadcastSuccess (130 = 'Wizard wakeup restore') 05/26/06 12:34:04
PalmUpdate05 - BroadcastSuccess (130 = 'Wizard wakeup restore') 05/26/06 12:34:09
PalmUpdate05 - BroadcastSuccess (20 = 'Installing the Checker application') 05/26/06 12:34:10
PalmUpdate05 - BroadcastSuccess (30 = 'Verifying device version') 05/26/06 12:34:11
PalmUpdate05 - RemoteCall (16409 = 'No Remote Call')
PalmUpdate05 - RESTORE - populated new tokens 05/26/06 12:34:11
PalmUpdate05 - BroadcastError (1400 = 'Update not required') 05/26/06 12:34:12
HotSync Error: An application cancelled sychronization or failed to respond to a HotSync notification. Please ensure that you are not currently editing data using applications such as Palm OS Desktop or Install Tool. (8009)
PalmUpdate05 - HS_SYNC_FAILURE Received 05/26/06 12:34:12