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    How do you get a grocery list into HandyShopper without having to hand enter everything? Is there any way to export/import data from some other application?
    Rodney Randal
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    In HS2, you can import from MemoPad. Create your list on the PC, sync it to Memopad, and import it into HS.
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    If you have a scanner and software to do bitmap -> text conversion...

    Get a copy of the store layout from the store service desk. Our local Krogers has a one page index of popular items with their locations. I scanned it in and used Textbridge to do the bitmap->text conversion.

    I took the text output, did a little formating and copied it to the Memopad. HS2 imported it with no problems. may want to make some sample items in a temp database in HS2, then export them to see what the Memopad format looks like.

    I look forward to the day when you can go up the store service desk and get them to beam you a HS2 database.

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    Thanks for the help MarkEagle and Wilderf!
    Rodney Randal

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