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    With Agendus Pro already taking up 1734K on my Treo 650, and including other apps I have only 5M of free phone space. Can I load Opera Mini and the required Java on my SD card. Or conversely, can I put Agendus on my SD card?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Not sure about agendus on card (mines in ram or else reminders dont sound off) but you can definatley run java apps from card do a serach for it it works great but you need launcher program (i use/love Zlauncher for years now)
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    The answer - no, it must be in main memory when an application needs it. The answer to the no question though is YES if you use a launcher such as ZLauncher. With it, you can cram all of the files that an app needs in the ZLauncher application folder and when the app is loaded to main memory by ZLauncher, all of those little files go with it for play time and when play time is over, back to the folder the go. Ben
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    Thanks for the input. Is there a quick way to transfer agendus to my SD card? Or do I need to delete off the main rom and reload on SD? Sound like Zlauncher is the way to go.
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    powerrun works great for opera also.

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