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    Newbie here, not sure if this would be better in this forum or the sychronization forum...

    I am thinking about getting a 700p but want to make sure it will work as I want before I buy it. I use a powerbook G4 at home and windows+outlook at work. Currently I use a widows mobile PDA to carry my appointments and contacts with me - I would like to switch to a treo and ditch the windows PDA. I use iCal on the mac for my personal calendar and address book for my contacts but am willing to switch if it makes syning with outlook easier. I'd like to use the treo to syncronize my personal(iCal) and work(windows) calendars on the mac+widows+treo. Is this possible? If so, I have a few questions:

    1. Which PIM apps will work best on the mac - iCal+Address book, Entourage, Palm desktop - considering I also have to sync with outlook?

    2. Which syncing software should I use for each/any of the apps above - iSync, missing sync, ....?

    3. Anything else I should know/consider?

    Thanks for your help.
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    All of these questings are answered in this tread
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    Thanks for your reply. I read that thread prior to my original posting. I do not believe it covers ongoing syncing between 2 calendars, one in outlook and one on the mac. It does have some information which will lead me in the right direction. The thread covers switching from a windows platorm to a mac and the best apps for the mac, not considering my requirement to maintain an outlook calendar. The outlook2mac program mentioned is, I believe, for one-time data transfer when migrating to a mac from a PC. I would like to be able to maintain syncronized calendar information on outlook on my PC and any one of the Mac apps using the treo as the sync'ing tool. If I missed something in the thread, I apologise, and please point it out to me.

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    I don't think you missed anything, but maybe I didn't read your question correctly. Could have been too late for me.

    Anyway, I would go with Entourage as it is closer to Outlook. I used Outlook before I switched to Mac and use Entourage now. Project Center is a mini version of Onenote on the Windows side. It's included with Entourage.

    Be sure to check which way you want to sync. If you happen to sync to the PC first make sure the conduit has PC overrides Treo as you might loose your info on the PC. If you then want to keep your info on the Mac do an Enoturage overrides treo in its conduit. The conduit for Entourage can be found in the Office folder. Do a backup first. Many here have lost all there information because the "just synced" there Treos. Once you do the inital sync, you can just sync from there on out. Oh yea, be sure that you palm name is the same on your Mac and PC.

    If I still missed anything, just let me know.

    Sucess with your Treo.

    P.S. There are some cool apps for the Treo. One is AgendusPro. It's like a mini Entourage on your Treo. Snapper mail is a great email program. Documents 2 go 8 is just fantastic. Missing sync is much better than Hotsync.

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